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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
A cracked spot is definately a sign of coagulation of dirt w/out roots over the course of the winter, separating from the surrounding dirt... how deep does the crack go??? usually it is only a peel that shows up at the surface...

Regardless,,, there's no one seed that will do better than another unless you go with the expensive coated seed,,, which I doubt works as advertised... get yourself a garden weasel or grass stitcher and take the time to do a little manual stirring up of the surface and put down a correct mixture for your area...
These coated seeds are for suckers that can't quite get the grass to grow,,, mainly because they aerate for a seed bed and apply pre-m 2 or 3 times per year...

Look at the ingredients and get some that is around 10-15% annual rygrass to get the ball rolling and if you work up the suface that you spread it onto, then soak it in,,, it should grow...
please explain what these are and where id get one...and pricing too maybe?
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