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Originally Posted by argh View Post
I'm looking for an irrigation controller with at least 4 zones that many have had positive experiences using. Most importantly, it must be from the following list: link to PDF

I revisited several of the historically popular Hunter and Rainbird controllers on the list, but the one that really stood out (and wasn't on the list) was the IrrigationCaddy ICEthS1. What a simplistic, modern interface. If there is a qualifying controller with a well designed web based interface, this is definitely a huge plus.
You can't really go wrong with the Rainbird ESP-SMT for residential purposes. The caddy is a cute little gimmick, but that is all it is. The only benefit to a web based interface is if you have someone manage your irrigation. One of the major points with smart controllers is to remove the need for continual adjustments. Even though there is no such thing as a set it and forget it controller, the smart ones once dialed in are as close as you will get.
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