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Originally Posted by argh View Post
I'm looking for an irrigation controller with at least 4 zones that many have had positive experiences using. Most importantly, it must be from the following list: link to PDF

I revisited several of the historically popular Hunter and Rainbird controllers on the list, but the one that really stood out (and wasn't on the list) was the IrrigationCaddy ICEthS1. What a simplistic, modern interface. If there is a qualifying controller with a well designed web based interface, this is definitely a huge plus.
The ET Water controllers and two of the Hydropoint are internet based. Those are the closest that you will get to a web interface. You'll also be paying for an annual subscription. Not to insult anybody but the Irrigation Caddy looks cheap and it doesn't look like it is a weather based smart controller, which is the whole point of the So Cal Water Smart program. I'd stick with the Rain Bird ESP-SMT if I were you.
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