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Paul, here is a picture of the mounting setup for the hustler. The deck in the picture is from a 52 inch SuperZ, but the setup on the 48 WB is very close to this according to Huster dealers I work with. You should be able to use this unit without any problem. The part number is GCHU52 or GCHU52XL. Since this is a bracketless setup, there is no obstruction of the deflector.
We do have an extender for the 6.2 Cu. Ft. catcher. Hustler makes pretty stout decks so the 48 should take the weight just fine as long as you are using the extender for leaves and not filling it with heavy wet grass. I will post a picture of the Jumbo with the Extender in the next day or so.
As you can see from our website, our dealer network in Nebraska is pretty thin. Your Hustler dealer might be interested in taking our line, as Hustler corp. sent all their dealers a flyer last year about Accelerator Catchers. If not, give me a call and I will help you get a catcher.

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