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Originally Posted by SoCalLandscapeMgmt View Post
The ET Water controllers and two of the Hydropoint are internet based. Those are the closest that you will get to a web interface. You'll also be paying for an annual subscription. Not to insult anybody but the Irrigation Caddy looks cheap and it doesn't look like it is a weather based smart controller, which is the whole point of the So Cal Water Smart program. I'd stick with the Rain Bird ESP-SMT if I were you.
Subscriptions of any sort are definitely out. Do you have any thoughts on the following report by Texas AgriLife Extension Service? Between Solar Sync and the ESP-SMT's tipping rain bucket, it seems like Solar Sync does a lot more automation while the ESP-SMT requires you to set up many of the zone specific details first (e.g. location, soil type, landscape slope, plant type/density, sun exposure, sprinkler type and root-depth requirements). So, potentially, the ESP-SMT would be more accurate provided you know all the specific zone requirements and Solar Sync might be off if you have varying zones since it only has data from the area it is placed in. Does that sound right?
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