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I enjoyed the video and learned a few things. I don't have any professional tree cutting experience and don't have any aspirations to get any. But I am a long time professional firefighter and rope rescue technician so I'm comfortable with heights and saws and watched you using many of the same techniques I've used cutting and limbing on my own property. Most are just common sense, like being aware of what will happen when a cut is made and not taking off large unmanageable pieces. I like the idea of tying off the tip of the ladder (like we often do in the fire service) but leaving some slack to allow for limb movement. I think with some caution and common sense DIYers like me can do a lot but everyone needs to know their limits. I've got a couple of cottonwoods next to my house that need to come down but I'm not messing with them, I'll just call my tree guy.
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