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Would I Be Crazy Not to Take This Deal?

I've just been looking on Craigslist trying to find a good used 36" walk behind hydro. I'm not in any desperate need of one, but I could use one and it would greatly help out.

I found this Scag 36 hydro in AMAZING condition and for what seems like a great price; i'm sure I could talk the gentlemen down some as well.

I contacted him and he seemed like a great guy, someone you would want to work with. He said he always took care of the mower, and only used it to mow his own personal lawn. No more than 500hrs he said (I'm assuming it has no hr meter). He said he has mulching blades he'll give to me with it, and it has the no-flat front caster tires.

Here's the link to the ad on CL:

Here's my weighting:
It's 5hrs away
do I really NEED it?
take up even more space
use most of all my savings
great deal
excellent condition
could help majorly
could access more parts of some lawns
broaden my horizons as far as other lawns go
SCAG mowers
STIHL power equipment
Redmax trimmers
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