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seed water absorbant coating

In containers, indoors at 67 degrees, I planted seed with water absorbant coating "Scotts Perennial Rye", and compared it to seed without the coating "Pennington Smart Seed, with Myco-Advantage".

I compared plenty of water on the soil, with no added water, (but both were started out saturated).

The test containers did not dry out as fast as I expected; seed in unwatered "No wat" containers germinated only slightly less than containers which were well-watered.

Coated seed attained a height only 7 percent more after 9 days, (2.6 inches).
The maximum difference was 73 percent more height of the coated well-watered seed(Scotts), upper right. This can be compared to uncoated, unwatered seed, lower left.
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