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If organics were cheaper they would just be the way. But they aren't so much more expensive and if one was willing to have a less vibrant lawn (say 3lb N per K vs 5 per year) the cost could be a wash. Or if someone is willing to pay slightly more to feel better about their kids playing, or their dogs, or whatever.

I have some advantage living in Southeast Wisconsin, here you can get Milorganite for 7 bucks a bag most days and if you buy a pallet closer to 6. So for a 5K lawn you're talking 14 bucks instead of 10, assuming you are not applying herbicide. When you consider your other costs are relatively static adding 10 or 20 bucks onto a per app cost isn't that much more if you can find a good source of organic fert.

I would agree with SmallAxe that some organics are very slow when first used. Alfalfa for example might sit for awhile and will certainly not give the green "pop" that a synthetic would. Once the soil becomes more healthy this speeds up, but this can take time. I think a bridge program should be an easy sell where it's organic until some synthetics in the fall.

Two cents from a lurker anyway.
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