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There was only a tiny difference between coated and uncoated seed. This test didn't work well, as the "no water" containers did not dry out much after the test started. Not enough hot sun and drying winds, I guess. I plan to try again with much less water to start on day one--maybe just a teaspoon of water, about a tenth of an inch.)Then compare coated and uncoated.

Everybody who seeds hates that problem--customers who do not water (or not much) and lie about it--then want you to fix it. Make sure you have it in writing--no guarantee whatsoever. Always save a sample of seed with the original seed label. Seed can be tested at an independent seed laboratory by your lawyer, (to prove that it is as good as the label claims). Always plant some in a coffee mug in your office so you can show the customer what was supposed to happen. Read their water meter so you know how much water they used.

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