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purchase pending: 2012 deere stander or 2012 vantage

After countless hours of looking at standers locally. These are the best deals I could find. I could be purchasing friday if my mower sells tomorrow. Both mowers have full warranty and sold through a dealer. Any thoughts on either mower?

Deere 2012 stander 48" deck. Price is $5000. Dealer brought it in for a guy last year who backed out of deal. Mower has 2 hrs. on it. I drove it around and liked it, but seemed a touch heavy.

2012 Exmark vantage 48 deck. Been on the sales floor since last year and is asking $7600. I was going to offer $7000 cash out the door and see if he bites.

I like the vantage better but can live with the deere. If I bought the deere I would probably sell it in a season or 2 since the dealer is a bit far.

Any thoughts on either?
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