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Thanks everyone for the responses- it is good to hear from the long-timers on this board that are all around respected and knowledgeable.

My intention isn't to make it all about the numbers, but more so to set a goal.

We are also a small outfit- Usually no more than 6 or so.

We are lucky to have a very diverse and skilled set of guys that aren't overly demanding in terms of wages. Over the last few years we have spent lots of time cutting overhead as much as possible- have a year's payments left on one piece of equipment but everything else is paid for, including trucks, tools, attachments, etc. The shop and office space still has a mortgage but there is an on-site rental house that covers most expenses there. Most of the fat has been "trimmed" so to speak.

I would imagine with the current crew we have the ability to do 500+ a year without adding crews or growing- we just need the work. I find a lot of years we spend a month or two in the summer looking for work and doing odd jobs/fixing/working around the shop etc to stay busy.

In essence, I am happy with the size things are now and would like to keep it that way, but would like to flush out the full potential of the current situation.

This has been good to think about, thanks for the replies thus far.
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