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Originally Posted by GrassGuerilla View Post
Your sending a guy that lied to you about his license out in your truck? Language barriers and communication skills are teachable. At least to a degree. Character at best may mature with time, but you get what you get. And a liar is a liar. How did he regain your trust? Would your insurance cover you if he was in an accident and had no license?

Threatening to quit in front of the crew is cause for dismissal. If he straight lied about the class c, again, gone. What are you clinging to exactly? You say his numbers last season were a bust? I'm confused about what you see?
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He has a regular DL. 95% of the time, that's good enough for what he does. But I wasn't happy when I found out.

He is 53 years old, does things the right way, shows up early everyday, works hard, quality work. As for being a normal employee- he's as near perfect as you could get.

But he's not asking for regular laboring pay. For me anything over 13 is crew leader pay. He is at 14 and wants 16.

It say as a crew leader he is 50% at best.
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