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Back to the topic of resi and commercial. Let me give you something to think about. Every company in different areas have their preference and their nitch markets. Some people love commercial and some hate it. From my experience and market area, comm is not all that. You see, what can happen when you have a handful of big comm verse tons of small resi is, if and when you lose 1 or 2 comm you could easily go under because you had all your income tied up in 5 or 6 properties. Whereas if you had let's say 50 resi, you would have to lose 25 for it to really hit you pocket. The odds are you wouldn't lose 25 properties unless you just really suck and if that's the case, you shouldn't be in the landscape industry anyways. It's very easy to lose 5-6 out of your 10 comm accounts in one season because commercial is very cut throat and there isn't in loyalty. They typically are looking for the lowest price and alot of times are slow to pay. Now I have to repeat, this is from my experience in my area. Where I work, we are after high end residential. So knowing now, what I wished I would of known then, I would have went with a navigator or walker from the get go. But that is because all we do is high end residential. But to start out, you can't go wrong with a 36" and a 21" in wb or stander, it doesn't matter to me. Good luck
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