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I'm at $225,000-$240,000 a year....No employees. But in the last year or so, I seem to be picking up too much work. I am having to sub out a fair amount of the dozer and excavator work that I would like to do myself, so I can do some of the small detail oriented jobs that are in VERY tight spaces or on hillsides. Last November I got a call from a high end home builder, who is having me take over, basically all of his excavating work ( he has a sweet KW T-800 and a 650j LT dozer and a Cat 277B). He had an employee for 6 years, who did the digging and moving of 4 skytraks and 2 JLG boom lifts. Now I am doing all of that in addition to my other stuff. So now I am having to look for a parnter, and employee or another smaller excavating company to work together, and benefit both of us.
As far as finding more work goes, i just try to be as fair as possible. Do a good job. And focus on getting referal work. I am having a marketing company come up with a new logo for my company, as well as business cards and possibly a web site. Currently, and for the past 7 years I have done ZERO advertising....but that may change.
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