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Originally Posted by Tim4 View Post
Pay him what he wants ($16).

Tell him that just as soon as you find someone that will do the job for your price ($14), he is gone.

Game over.

If you can't replace him for your price, maybe you are underpaying him. . .

The mouth in front of crew? Gone, as in instantly.

So here is a question- Forget about the mouth in front of the crew thing. - that seems to be what most are focused on.

for $13.00 per hour I can find a good employee that does the same job as him, most likely. But training would be involved, and its always a roll of the dice if the guy you hire is good or not. The guy I have now is good.

Almost every season, I give a $.50 -$1.00 to my guys provided they don't give me too many problems, and do their job

In terms of doing his job, - As an employee he does it great. As a crew leader - 50/50

As fare as I'm concerned in my area, once a guy goes above 13-14 per hour, he has to be a crew leader. I cant pay basic labor or skilled labor 14 plus and make the numbers work. So he has to be paid as a crew leader, but I he still does kick his crew in the butt, and still doesn't fill out paperwork.

Then the other kicker in that is, last year he had crap guys, and he showed zero profit. we got him really good guys this year, he picked them, and i had to pay them more money to get them. The season just started and its really slow at the moment, so its too early to tell if he will make money with these guys or not.

I think the Main issue is that he is at the top of a skill labor pay scale, and hes even starting to get into the mid to upper level of crew leader pay scale. I have 1 crew leader that makes $12.50 per hour, and his crew makes 10.50

This guy does 50% enhancement and 50% installs. We don't really do many large projects, most are small one day jobs, sometimes we get ones that are 7-10 days.
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