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Originally Posted by AEL View Post
Just curious what type of work you do?

We do no advertising what so ever but are very specialized in 2 different fields of work, and our markets are the general contractors, developers, and government agencies.
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I do a lot of stuff revolving around my TL130, Kobelco 35sr and my Kobelco 135sr. Concrete and asphalt removal, selective demolition. I sub in to a company who has bad luck working on slopes, hillsides and around water (they've sunk 3 40,000 excavators a D6 and a D8) so now they call me when they work in, on or near water and steep slopes. I also dig for a bunch of plumbers and some residential and commercial builders. This year, a high end home builder who I have worked for off and on for 7 years (he had his own operator/truck driver, but let him go) called me to be his "full time excav8ter", I happily accepted, but now I am almost too busy. I have 7 homes to finish from last year, 10 new mid priced (under 400k) and several that are more than 2.5 million to do. Most of the million and up homes translate in $20,000 or more in equipment storm drainage work, and sand gravel and topsoil.

It looks like a pretty good year is shaping up.
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