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A xeriscape model could fit that space, if it's allowed by local zoning. If you were to do plants, choose height and allow space for people to cut through if you think that they simply will not go around. Mulch those areas in between. That's a pretty common planting scheme for many commercial parking lot spaces where people will cut through. You'll have to renew mulch occasionally and to establish plants, you may need at least some sort of watering method unless it's By choosing height, they are far less likely to get trampled, particularly if you leave space to cut through. How high, is once again dependent on local ordinance and the what is behind that parkstrip (like a business that may not want any obscuring from the street) If you want to force people to go around, shrubs like barberry and pyracantha can drastically alter foot traffic, at least the regular

Otherwise, hardscape it in with brick, pavers, cement or rock. You'll still have some weed control to do, it just won't be as much.
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