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Originally Posted by Greg78 View Post
Don't agree with this. I've been doing bank owned properties since 2008. I have a handful of properties that I've been doing for more than 4 years. I also get almost all my shrub bids approved a couple of times a year. The initial grass cuts pay very well and if you don't know how to cut tall grass and police the area then yeah you can trash you mower. I've been using my same Exmark Lazer on these properties for years without any extra maintenance, I recall bending one blade in all that time but that was my fault and it should have been avoided. You have to be smart with your machines.

Bank owned properties can be very good if you get in with the right company and know what you are doing. I completed over 100 of them in the last 2 weeks. I have a better profit margin on bank owned than I do my regular customers.
The job is $19 per lot for general maintenance and there are 30+ . I know its not a lot but im just starting out and im doing it more to just get my name out there. They are supposed to email me all the details before I go through with the deal but ill deff. Do a little extra research before I close the deal
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