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Just heading out the door here (already spent too much time in the forums lol), but the big thing I notice when your page comes up... Where are you? What is your number? After looking around, I realized that part of the title I could see in my browser, "Green Kings - Bountiful, C..." did have your location, but sadly many browsers anymore limit the page title to a tab (I really hate that), and without being from around the area, didn't know Bountiful was a city name here instead of an adjective. Of course, it does say Utah in the URL, but there isn't even a phone number for me to think "Ok, that isn't an area code here" EVERY PAGE should have your phone number in a clear easy spot AS TEXT.

All the content is below that huge image, that gets my attention. In fact, the first thing I clicked on was the "Click Here For Details", and other than that link going away, couldn't tell I went to a different page easily without scrolling to compare.

The home page at least doesn't validate, and not just the small things (like not using self closing tags), but mismatched tags and repeating ID names.

Lastly, the contact page, finally, I find your location and phone number... The form has no validation (did you get a couple blank submissions from me?, your site said they sent), and keeping with the theme of your site of roomier containers, I'd give more spacing around the inputs, as well add padding inside them. The text looks small and tightly contained compared to the rest of the site. When I did submit it, it was a little overkill... "Thank You." "Success!", and "You've successfully sent us an email..." I'd at least get rid of the "success" by itself. Also, repeat the rest of your contact information on this page... Woah! just scrolled down to see the text on the right on this page... that really is uneven.. it just looks bad, I'd suggest changing it to mixed case like your "Contact" and "Payment" one, well i see it is mixed case, the u is lower case, but as high as everything else...

Oh crap, there I go again, a quick note ended up being almost a half hour of looking around.... Gotta go for sure now..
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