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thanks for having a run through Greg. Yes, I was watching you hit that form, which is just a temporary one, which is why it's not styled to the rest. It will be replaced when the payment system comes in.

I have not placed a phone number and address on all pages for a reason. Two actually. Because I will use a mailbox instead of walk in location, Google Places isn't going to do much for me based on the address, so working some very specific keywords for suburbs in the metro area as part of the titles and map pages. Secondly, when the payment system is up, I want them to use automation. A cart, buttons, the payment structure if they are already on the site. Reduce labor and take the payment on the spot instead of relying on a second step of communication to finish the transaction. With payment, I will request the information I need for production, but the test is whether they will buy first and be committed BEFORE I add sales or cs labor (beyond automation) to the equation. That's the goal and what I'm steering toward with the site. (and I know it's hard to see the rhyme or reason without the full site showing)

the "Success" tab was just about the font in all caps. It wasn't a mix of sizes..that's the font. But it should be cap then lowercase like the rest, so we'll replace that, so thanks for pointing that out. Some of the errors on validation are items that appear to be closed properly and not repeated (I had checked it once before too..but with more to still come, thought would wait for it to be included with the rest of the work). some of the repeating of items on the page, like the Success page, are because you are looking at a mix of images and text so although we are going big with the image some browsers (and bots) may only catch the text, so a little redundancy is happening to serve the various masters, so to speak.

The front page above the fold looking so similar to where it landed (and that's exactly the action I wanted you to take) has been something that we're talking about and I noticed it too..mainly, like you said, because of the above the fold issue not making it clear you jumped pages (especially with the quick load time between the two). Perhaps will shrink/alter that graphic when we embed the payment buttons.

Thanks again for taking a few minutes to roll through the site and put your thoughts here.
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