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getting the work is def tough. I really struggled my first year. I had enough weekly's to at least break even on all my equipment I bought and I kept busy two days a week. But I thought I'd do better. Luckily, this year, all my clients re-signed and I got a few more new ones. Plus I got a compact tractor with some implements, a backpack blower, a walk behind blower and a brand new Scag Z. I was really stressing this time last week because nobody had been calling, but we got a warm spell here and my phone went nuts last weekend. I landed a bunch of power washing gigs, about 45 yds of mulch already and a few clean ups. One of my weekly clients wants some brush cleaned up and chipped, the area graded out and wants me to plow up a garden plot for his wife. Had another guy call about bush hogging an area of his property too. So I'm hoping this year really picks up for me. It's gonna have to actually. This morning mowing was a hobby/side business that I just enjoyed doing, as of tonight, it's my full time job to support my wife and I. I refuse to do the unemployment route, I'll go sweep the streets if I have to. Wish me luck!!
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