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Here is what we use, we started with the Nissan and now have the F350.
Trucks: 1999 F350, 7.3 ltr,cc,drw,lb,350k miles running on B-100 fuel for crew
1993 Nissan, single cab, shortbed, 4cyl., 266k miles, for parts and repair work.

Trailers: 2004 Featherlite 102"x 288" Enclosed tandem, fully loaded.
2003 Suncoast 102"x 216" open,tandem axle, our pallet/mulch hauler.
2009 All Pro 33yd tri axle 22.5k dump trailer.
1988 Fruehauf 72"x96" enclosed single axle.

The F350 is for the tandems and tri axle trailers.
The Nissan is for the little Fruehauf single axle.

All maintenance performed in our shop by me, just because its easier to do it right the first time.
All maintenance is based on hours and recorded.

Before you go out and spend alot of money on big trucks and trailers remember that if you can't be more efficient by doing so, don't spend the money.
I would rather drive our Nissan and tow my little Fruehauf any day.
Run that S-10 as your primary until it becomes inefficient due to your work load, not for the desire to keep up with the companies with the nice big shiny stuff.
Take care of your rig and keep it nice and clean.

Set money aside and try to buy whatever you need in cash, stay out of debt and run lean.
As you grow your business it will pay off.

An older landscaper said to me once that "The truck and trailer don't cut grass."
I thought it was funny at the time, but I understand it now.
Just my opinion, others may differ.
Good luck and work smart!
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