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My guys know they are lucky to even make what I pay them there will be no raises this year. I have had no luck with old guys, 53 is old for anything other than an owner. 25-30 is my favorite age group for workers I want speed and you don't get quicker with age. Now I do pay my laborers better than 16 but it because of where I am and that's the cost if you don't want to hire 10 people a year for one position.

But even if your were going to give him a raise wtf is this 2 dollar raise crap. Were in year 6 of a recession/imaginary recover and true unemployment is 15-19%. 25-50 cents would be all I would entertain atm. The trouble with 1-2 dollar raises is hes at 14 so at that rate in 3-4 years he could be at 20 and that would price him out of a job. Perhaps you need a chat of what he is worth because he sounds like he needs a reality check.
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