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Lol. Well there is no comprising photos. What he does have on me is that he is the best worker we have. He completes his tasks and doesn't bring drama to work like some of the younger guys. He doesn't move 100% fast, but he knows all the tricks to get it done with less effort.

Over the winter he would take the snow blower home, drive his personal truck job to job ( with fuel/mileage paid) if you told him be at a certain place at 2:00 am, never a doubt in my mind he wasn't there.

I'd say what he has over me is a constant work flow. It's like betting on the horse that comes in third. He never wins, but never looses. The work he completes does pay his share of the overhead. It just doesn't go beyond that.

Replacing him could be taking a risk on someone that is less dependable an I already have enough of those employees
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