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Welcome to the world of 1&1... the place that does team building activities such as a "Fire Drill" (their words, posted on facebook) and sends all employees out to the parking lot for 30+ minutes at 2 in the afternoon, so even 24/7 sales lines give you a message "Call back during business hours". The place that, oops, had no checking in place before their master firewall pushed out its rules to all their other firewalls for dedicated/vps servers in ALL THREE countries they have datacenters, so when the request timed out, it wiped out all firewalls keeping the servers offline for 4+ hours...

I've experience both of those...

Anyhow, back to being serious, if it happens, reboot, it could be that your computer received bad info on DNS lookup of the domain name, in which case your machine will have it cached, usually till you reboot.
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