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Commando is the best option.

Learned this in basic training. First half of basic I spent chaffed, I wore boxers so that was what I had, changed to briefs, used Under Armor...always chaffed....went commando never chaffed again. That's with 20 to 30K ruck marches. Went commando in Iraq no chaffing even in the heat. We didn't march much, but there was constant walking around during the stops at schools, and walking around on FOBs.

Since that little lesson learned I have commando'd it up doing lawn care and no problems. Every once in a blue moon I'll get the start of chaffing, but that's usually in spring, but I use Gold Bond foot powder ( the blue bottle ) and it clears up in a couple hours. ( Yes foot powder on the jewels and inside of the legs. It works wonders, learned that in the the Army as well.)
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