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Originally Posted by KeystoneLawn&Landscaping View Post
Just got off the phone, after a 30 min conversation, with a PA DOT enforcement officer from the PA State police HQ in Harrisburg. The 10,001lb trailer and above is a registration issue in PA, not a PA DOT issue like I was told by our local DOT enforcement officer and definatly not any kind of fed dot. He just cautioned when traveling to other states to be aware of their regulations as some enforce on out of state vechicles. Again, I wish every state was the same and made the information easier to find. If it wasn't for this thread, I may have not called again and would have remained misinformed. Maybe sometimes I dont use the brains God gave me, but I will always keep asking questions, keep learning everyday, and increasing or correcting knowledge!
Specifically regarding RV's, ALL the states do use the same regulations. Because RV's are not commercial vehicles. (Race car\bike\sand rail\quad haulers another story, or can be) But RV's are recreational vehicles, not something that people make money with.

Otherwise you'd see all these guys with massive diesel pushers being required to have CDL's with air brake\break (endorsements--just for you duff).

I am glad you did check. Good for you. I readily admit to not understanding them fully, but there is so much misinformation given out here AND from the cops that are enforcing it, is beyond ridiculous. And yes, the laws are written this way purposefully to confuse you and I and get us to give up on understanding or fighting them in court.
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