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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
So you had 570 in material cost and about a grand in labor cost where's your profit? hmm? Like I said I would have charged 2K. You guys will learn one day, these type jobs are very labor intensive GET PAID FOR IT!
I am not sure what you are thinking but I did get paid quite a bit. My employee makes 13/hr and hes on the books so its more like 15 hr. His total for the job was 12 hours, so 180 for labor for this job. I have NO IDEA how you came up with the idea I had a grand in labor cost..

Originally Posted by TFLE View Post
See the way I read his post is he charged 1675-570= about 1100 dollars. Now if he is one of the two guys working all he has in true labor costs is 150 max for a day and a half? so now he is at 950 for 12 ish hours of work? 80/hour after paying your help. Even if he had to pay 2 guys he's still at 800 for 12 hours or about 66 bucks an hour. I think he did pretty good.
Exactly. My labor cost was actually 180, but still this is exactly how I looked at it.. And to be honest I wasn't even the cheapest that bid this job, but I got it because I came highly recommended from a friend of theirs.

Originally Posted by TFLE View Post
These guys also aren't "professional" it's a laborer and his buddy. Not saying they won't do a great job but charging high end prices is a little ridiculous. Rolling onto a job in your pickup with a bunch of tools you scraped together and charge 100 bucks a yard for mulch is a bit absurd. Sounds like the OP will make a nice little payday on this side job. Good for him.

Not sure if that was for me or not, but I am a professional. This is my sole income and I do everything by the books including my employees and taxes at the end of the year. This is my lively-hood and I try and do my best at all times. I may not have a ton of employees but I make out fairly well with me and another guy and in certain times of the year I have three guys. I didnt even know my employee when I hired him, so no it wasnt me hiring my buddy lol I did not just "scrape" together all my equipment, I worked very hard and paid for everything I have.
No offense was taken I just wanted to clear that up
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