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No it was meant for the guy who started the thread. He said the guy he works for charges X amount of dollars and a buddy of his was going to help him. I took that to mean he's just a dude looking to put down some mulch and shouldn't be charging what his boss or you or I would. The guy is just looking for a good payday IMO and isn't really "growing a business" at least not yet, maybe laying the foundation for one.

* And these guys that say they lay mulch at 100 bucks per yard is that everything included? Clean-up, edging, delivery ect... Even if much costs 30 bucks per yard how are you charging 70 bucks a yard to apply it. I think that is just crazy town and am perplexed people pay that. I can't believe some of the prices people say yes to and I'm at 50-60 bucks a yard plus some extras. (30 delivery, edging maybe 50 bucks, some prep ect.). I could never imagine charging someone 1000 + dollars on a 10yd job. That for me is 190 bucks in mulch. So 810 profit and with three guys could be done by lunch and be in 150 in labor= 660 for four hours. Holy moley.
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