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Thanks for taking time to evaluate the site. The weed image is the weakest, no doubt. What I actually want there is a photo on a floated white background, but I couldn't find a suitable stock image, even to do a cutout on and it will be awhile in my mountain market before there is anything big enough to be suitable to yank and shoot. The tree is a step out, but I liked it so much, I had to use it and that's just how it goes

I also am not in love with the grass border on the map, so it will likely get stripped of that shortly. I'm also missing my fav.ico file, which may be a reason for throwing an error..will see if I can knock that out today.

I know the deal on the red and I try to use it sparingly. The issue is "why" you include it in the first place and since I need it to be an eyestopper, I go with that big, bad, bright red that's proven to work for basically forever. It's harsh in a minimalistic design, but it needs to be.

On the "contact" photo, it's actually a repeating theme for the non sales pages, things like the pesticide philosophy, the "success" page, about us, the FAQS, etc. to come will carry that "fob" to unify the non sales pages. I am bouncing to my old site for a couple of reasons. A) there is reference material already there that is evergreen, so I can "content up" during build without duplicating content form another site and still having it be sort of sensible b)some natural outbound linking for reference material and c) because the old site was pushed out with many, many pieces to contractor clients previously, it still takes a couple hundred unique (and local) visitors per week so it will give me the opportunity to tie the two brands back together for those that have used the older page, as ugly as it is, and keep it from looking foreign. Time and experience in the market is the selling point, so even though the site is new, we want it to look semi integrated with something that they've known for awhile.

The lawn program page...well..that's a unique situation. I won't take any residential customers into it this year. I want visitors to know it's an offered service (and the page to be indexed, of course) without taking any calls on it. An elusive, exclusive offering instead of the typical we'll take anyone approach. Why? Because even when I open it, I'll only take full season, prepaid customers. My days of 7000 residentials and all the "stuff" that goes along with collecting and customer servicing partial or single app clients is over for me. The full season programs work nicely with the other offerings, but they will need to start being sold far earlier than now, so I'll just put it in their minds but leave it as a teaser. I won't be focused on lawn with the materials that will drive to the site, so think of it as a placeholder for the time being. Strange as it might seem, there is a method to the madness that has more to do with my available time and what I want to focus on along with what's available in my service market (This isn't a small town..this is a two million person metro area with MANY competitors including 2 Trugreen Chemlawn branches that will overlap my services and will likely be very displeased at seeing me back into the mix, even on a limited

As I said, there will be some additional text heavy pages, but for now, the site lives for evaluation by the merchant account folks, so I figured I get some extra eyes on it before I make a push to the public with it.

Thanks again for your time and opinion.
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