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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
Sounds excellent, Barry. Organic, micronutrients, nitrogen, and slow-release nitrogen--organic and green, just what the customer wants.

Does it spread well? Contain iron? Safe? What happens if there are a few days of very humid weather? Is there an odor problem? Will it accumulate on the spreader fins? What spreader setting should be used? Is there a chart or online calibration guide? Which seasons are most suitable for Screamin' Green?
It spreads evenly. Due to it's darker color applicators may not realize how well it's spreading until they get used to it.
Contains 1% Iron.
Safe? Sure.
Humidity has less effect than many conventional ferts.
Some caking is possible.
Spreader settings are on the label. They do need to be updated. No online calibration guide at this time. Good suggestion.
Screamin Green can be applied to cool and warm season turf at any time of year.
Visually it provides a deep green color. No surge growth.
Higher % of N gets to the roots than most conventional ferts.
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