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Originally Posted by Greg78 View Post
Why order the parts first? Pull the belt and you can turn every part and find out which is the "culprit". Could have been a $25 idler pulley for all you know!!
Doesn't matter, experience tells me if there are no spindle bearings in stock some need to be ordered because it's only a matter of time before I need them anyway. That is why I ordered them, because I don't have any in stock and if you don't have spindle bearings for your mower(s) in stock, you need to order at least one set.

I am fortunate mine apparently decided to go slow and made it through more than a day with it whining, most often spindle bearings don't give us much warning, and when they go you'll wish you had put a set aside.

Originally Posted by valk
Or possibly even a bad/worn belt?
I didn't mention this but the mower in question was used ALL day with that noise going, and usually a belt making that kind of a racket won't make it much past the first lawn if it gets that far. Further the whine is coming from the left side which leads me to believe it's the left-most spindle.
A belt whining would create a centered source of noise, unless it was rubbing...
Which again, it wouldn't last long if that were the case.

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