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Originally Posted by JDGlandscape View Post
Gotcha. Yeah I agree, 100 per yard is very high and that would not fly around here. The main reason my price was so high is because of the cleanup, profit margins are higher for that than mulch for me. Most legit companies around here are in the 47-75 a yard installed. Towards the higher end of that range for the smaller mulch jobs. and the few companies that have mulch blowers can do it really cheap. I am right in the middle of that for the average mulch job, lots of mulch the price per yard goes down slightly and the jobs that are only a couple yards are typically more money. But I include everything in that price, mulch, edging, weeding, and pulling perennials if its that time of the year.

Although that one guy who said 100 a yard does live in Connecticut, that is a very expensive state to live in and that state also has a pretty high average salary and home price. He probably pays a lot more for mulch that just about everyone else in the country pays for.
yes ct is expensive, and the houses i do work at for the most part, are business owners, ceo's of fortune 500 companies, sports writers, ER doctors, linesman, ects, and all make 6 figures easy, some closer to 7 figures. I also include everything in my price, edging, weeding, delivery, installation, and I buy my mulch from the place that makes it, so its the best price in this area, depending on what blend the customer wants its 18-28 dollars a yard. 100 a yard is my target price, i don't always get that, sometimes its 80-90 dollars a yard, but i still end up ok at that price.
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