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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
take however many yards of mulch you need and multiply it times 100 or close to it, and then add sales tax, if you are paying it and that is the what it should be, i really hate doing mulch jobs for much less then 100/yard, its really not worth my time unless its already edged, weeded, cleaned and i just need to lay down mulch, only then can i dip below 100 yard and still make decent profit.
Spot on. I install regular shredded hardwood mulch with edging @100.00 per yard installed. Dyed with edging @115.00 per yard installed. The only time I may go slightly below that quote is if theres something... accessability, huge beds, etc... that make it an easy install. These are the necessary prices to generate a decent profit in my area.
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