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Originally Posted by tmasterlc View Post
I just looked at todays adwords stats and after 35 or so I get 1 click and a bill for $18.47... thats insane. I'll be back on the phone today with Google... and yes, I have trimmed down my keywords list to what I think is a bare minimum and the ads only hit my service area.
Just an update to my CPC being so high. After several calls to Google Adwords and a bunch of advise and ideas I finally have things on a reasonable track. Its a shame going in I didnt spend alot more time researching and learning the adwords "game". Unfortunatley it is costly when you wing-it!

Bottom line... really, really, really scrutinize your keywords.

Never use broadmatch.

Never let your ads run at the top of the page with Tru Green and Scotts... unless of course you have deep pockets... its a bidding war for position and the big dogs will win!

Everyone I talked to that found us on these ads said they never picked the top of the page ads... just because they were looking for local companies that probably wouldnt be there... they always picked the side bar company ads.

Do not let autobid set you max bid rate. Do not list on the top of the page... just list on the front page.

Use negative keywords.... really, really make use of these. I was amazed at the totally unrelated stuff that came up because of negative keywords in a broad match phrase... and then people clicked thru and I pay the price.

Use exact match as much as possible and phrase match is okay too.

You may get less impressions with these restrictions but the quality will go up and the cost will go down.

Hmmm, more quality means less cost... just the reverse of what every other company tries to do!!!
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