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In Texas, especially South as you, these pretty much have a one year life cycle as grubs. What you are seeing now is the adult form of the grub that did the damage to your lawn. Just like weeds, the younger they are the easier it is to kill them. If you treat in Sept/Oct when you see damage they are much harder to kill and the insecticides are much less effective. After the adult beetles start flying around for a couple of weeks they will start to mate and the females are going to go back into the turf and lay their eggs. This is when they are easiest to kill. I know it might not seem very scientific but a porch light is a very good indicator to when most have taken flight and can be used for timing of egg laying. When you start to see a couple around lights you know they are on there way. When you see numerous amounts around lights they will be mating in a couple of weeks so that is when you need to treat with the Merit. Merit, unlike some of the other insecticides, hangs around for awhile in the soil so as they are laying eggs at different times it is still around to work. This may not get every single grub you have but should keep their numbers low enough that they do not cause any damage.
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