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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
No it isn't bro. Far, far too many of us here have experienced the same thing for it to be "BS". I know I'm certainly not full of it, nor am I a Stihl basher. Exactly half of my handhelds are Stihl, and that's quite a few different pieces of equipment all in. Mine is very, very hard to feather up and down the range smoothly. I can squeeze very carefully on the trigger and start gaining power, then all of a sudden it jumps up to near, or at the top. That's just not the way they should work, especially when you consider how smoothly their blower triggers work. It has nothing to do with the 4 mix engine. It is just their stupid throttle linkage that needs to be re-designed.

The 4 mix's certainly have much more torque, and also a better torque curve than the 2 strokes, true enough there.
Same here with mine, but I pretty much am used to it now. I won't go back to the 2-stroke. My eyes don't water and clothes don't smell like smoke.
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