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Originally Posted by Lite4 View Post
I have used a Nikon D40x for years. It is definitely an entry level DSLR, but with the right settings and a good tripod, it can produce some acceptable images. The key is the lenses.

I am upgrading to a D7000 or D600 this spring. I can't decide between FX and DX framing. I am leaning more towards the D7000 for it's full HD video and mirror lock up function for still photography. I'm looking at a nice piece of glass for it, but I'll have to drop another 1,000 on top of the 1,000 for the camera (which in consideration of some of the other equipment out there is still on the low to medium end)
The D7100 was just released a week or so ago. It's 24mp and from the initial reviews it's a pretty capable camera and a great upgrade from the D7000. On the other hand, the D600 is a very nice camera. I own a D600 (among about a half dozen other Nikon and Canon bodies) and I really like it. It takes really nice pictures and it basically has the same functionality as the D7100 except it is full frame. If you do go with the D7100 or the D7000 I'd seriously look at the Nikkor 17-55 F2.8 lens. It's one of the sharpest DX lenses that I have ever shot and the only lens that I shoot on my D7000 anymore... and at F2.8 it's plenty fast too if you want to shoot at night or in low light.
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