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Hustler Raptor Not going straight.

Should the Raptor or any zero turn be able to go straight with both levers all the way forward or is there always going to be some slight variances.

This is my first ZT and the Raptor pulled to the left when I first got it new back in February and I just cant seem to get it adjusted. All the tires are at the correct pressure I have since reset everything back to neutral and adjusted the drive straight stops to where I fell like it is pulling straight but it never exactly goes straight. Is this just the way it is and my OCD is getting the better of me

I did notice that left steering bushings part no. 116144 has some play to it I can jiggle around the left side steering rod where the right side will not move. Can this be a issue or is it normal for that bushing to have some play (it is the one that mounts on the hydro).

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