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Originally Posted by Lite4 View Post
I'm doing some troubleshooting on a project of mine from last fall. Everytime it rains the GFI receptacle trips. The GFI is located on a wall of a covered entryway inside a weather tight "in-use" enclosure (so there is no rain on it). The plug my transformer is plugged into is a standard outlet with an in use cover also and is down stream from the GFI along with some can lights on the home as well as the lamp pole in the yard. The outlet and wiring to the receptacle I am using for my transformer is new and they did not have any tripping problems prior to the lighting being installed. There is a very slight possibility that the irrigation guys may have nicked the wire for the lamp post in the yard, but it is remote at best. I have a 1200 watt Unique transformer that has about 650 watts of load on it.

So, my question is: Have you guys ever had your secondary (low voltage wiring) have a cut or nick in it that caused a direct short that bypassed the fuse in the transformer and caused the GFI to trip? I don't see how that is possible, but I have had the GFI replaced twice and all of the covers and outlets have been caulked. We are only pulling 5.8 amps on the primary of a 20 amp circuit when fully loaded. Is there anything I am missing? I am nearly 100% confident there are no cuts or nicks in the UF but just wondering some other options to look for or try.

I agree with Joey , it has to be something down stream causing the GFCI to trip also the new GFCI receptacles for use out side have to be weather resident it will show WR or WR-TP on the face of the receptacle.

The best thing to do is have an Electrician run a new circuit for your transformer.

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