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Problem with JD LX176 Tractor

I'm new to the forum and have a problem with my LX176 tractor. Took it out today and cut my lawn for about an hour or so. The tractor began to sputter and then shut off. I thought i was out of gas but that wasn't the case. I started it up again and it seemed ok, but I decide to take it back to the garage anyway. It died again about a minute later, but again it started right back up, but was getting progressively worse. It will turn on and run smoothly "as long as i don't release the brake"! I tried this a number of times and as soon as I start letting the brake out the tractor starts to shut off. If I push the brake in the engine continues to run. Can anyone tell me where I should be concentrating my efforts in trying to fix this problem???
Thanks goodness I got most of my lawn mowed before this incident..
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