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In a turf war!

In a semi-secret turf war with my neighbor down the road....I call it "semi-secret" because I'm not sure my neighbor knows about it.

My current program is mowing at 3.5 inches, fertilize 2x per year with 12-12-12 at 8# per 1000 and spot treat with 2,4-D. I want to kick it up this year.

I'm waiting for soil test results from the fertilizer dealer and will try to determine fertilizer from there. I have aerated the lawn (once last fall, went over it twice in opposing directions this Spring). I'm waiting on my three point spreader to get in so I can overseed (aerate before and roll after?) and get my first fertilizer app for the year on.

Topdressing with compost shows some great results, but on 2.5 acres its not very feasible. Has anyone used pelletized compost? Could I get the same results from 15# per 1000 of Milorganite? Or do I skip the biologicals all together and use 2# per 1000 of ESN (44-0-0)? Or an application of each? I want the lawn that makes everyone else jealous and am willing to put the time into it. With 4 kids, working on the lawn is about the only quiet time I get!
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