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Hydro system problems

I have researched this to death and the only solution I have found is that it could be anything, so any advice or pointers are welcomed! I have a scag wildcat with about 2000hrs on it. I took the left side wheel motor apart to replace the seals as it was leaking fluid at the end of last season. Everything went fine in the disassembly and reassembly of the unit and it no longer leaks. The only problem is the left side is lacking power. Going up hills it is almost useless and starting the left wheel from a stop I would describe as notchy or hesitant. On flat ground it runs almost normal, and the cooler the system the better it runs. I figured it was an air pocket but I have tried purging the system the recommended way 3 times now and it seems to do nothing with no air showing up in the resevoir. I filled the wheel motor with oil during and after reassembly and did a full fluid change with filter (which I also filled with oil prior to installation). The other side functions perfectly, and both pressure release valves are tight. Sorry for the long winded post! Any ideas? Thanks
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