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I have had more than one customer PAY me to ruin their lawn in the past.

Like yourself I would advise and they'd just keep on their track.
We would talk about, because I would strongly advise it, core aerating and seeding in the fall... They'd make things sound good, but when the time came it never happened, or if it did they'd only pay for a very small type of a job, like they would tell me to core aerate and they would seed it themselves...
Which, best I could tell, they never did.
You might see it, as I do now, that is no surprise.

I could have seen it coming and I did, but at the time we were only months past the stock market crash of 2007 and I was at an all-time low in customer numbers... I hated it but I had no choice. It would take 1-2 years but eventually they'd end up with the crap lot they wanted, it almost seemed the crappier it got, the happier they became. It would stress me out in a bad way, trying to understand, knowing that so long I got paid it shouldn't matter, but yet it did because their once beautiful lawn had turned a sickly yellow...

When asked to water they would either do so sparsely, or they would over water like maniacs.
Usually there was so much water on the turf, even when the weather turned 98 degrees my Z's tires would soak in it.
It was a true task in the experience department TRYING not to rut or get stuck at pretty much all times.
When I asked them to turn it back a little bit, they'd pretty much turn it off completely.
It was always like that with these folks.

Maybe they were simply amateurs in the beautiful lawn department, the lawn existed when they bought the house, but somehow I still find that harder to swallow than they simply did not want to pay for it over the next 10-20 years so they figured they'd pay a landscaper for 2-3 years and be done.

I never understood these people, but I did understand that people like that exist, whether it made any sense to me, or not.

I tried to figure, why would they pay when they could just neglect it?
But you see, their neighbourhood had an HOA.

The worst of it was that nagging suspicion that one day I would catch the blame for it all, as they would tell the HOA how they were paying the landscaper to take care of things, I can only imagine the 'puzzled' look on their faces when asked why it looked the way it did...

I mean, I can not imagine, after everything that went between us, that nothing registered... After all they'd shake their heads up and down to everything I told them, all in all the whole thing, looking back, was one of the best acts I have ever seen my whole life.

After 2 years of it, one day I couldn't take it anymore.
I cut it one last time, left a note telling them I made a terrible mistake and they could keep the money, and I quit.

They were not the first of their kind, others came along.
The second couple I only lasted a few months before I saw red.
Today I won't work for them kind of people.
I just won't do it.

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