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I still can't say with absolute certainty that the above was the case, because putting on an act requires a story and in this situation their story always added up, not once did I catch them in an outright lie... So it was either extremely well rehearsed, they had great reason not to want a beautiful lawn, or...

That is what used to drive me crazy, their story always added up.
Sure doesn't come across as acting.

Oh, they were hardly uneducated.
This was in a cookie cutter neighbourhood that had been built.
Every house had come sodded and with an irrigation system.
Yes, the builders did it, every home had a beautiful lawn for a start.
The homes themselves all came with price tags in the million dollar range.
You don't buy that kind of house without an education.

The conclusion I finally came to, the only way I could live with myself.
No it wasn't just over the lawn, it was everything else that came with it.
And I shouldn't have cared, but in this job, I do.

But the conclusion I finally came to in the end...
Because I tell you right now, beautiful lawns are no accident.
Is it takes more than a beautiful lawn and a landscaper to keep it that way.
It takes a customer who knows what it takes, and is willing to do it AND pay someone else to do it, too!
Those who have it, once they get things that way it's not so bad, but most of them aren't about just turning it over to someone else.

You understand, it's like having a perfectly restored antique in the driveway.
Are you going to let just anyone service it?

As for those people...
They either didn't want it, or they were grossly inexperienced.
It could be that they did try but didn't know how.
The part that doesn't add up is why they would lend an ear but not truly listen.
But then again, maybe they couldn't.

Today, 6 years later in that same neighbourhood...
Maybe 1 or 2 out of every 10 lawns is still looking pretty nice.
The rest are in various stages of crappy.

So it truly takes MORE than sod, an irrigation system, and a landscaper.
It takes experience on everyone's part, including the HO.
Certainly, cutting it way often is not the answer.
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