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Hill Lawn & Landscape- 2013

Well these past 2 weeks have been pretty wet and its finally making it difficult to work. After looking around on here at everyone elses pictures, I figured now would be a good time to show off some of my own stuff. Some equipment, previous jobs, and whatevers work related on my phone!

Here's the truck (when we weren't getting any rain) all shined up!

Kubota L3940

This is a yard I mow for free. The guy is a welder and has always been a big help whenever I needed something welded or help doing something. A few weeks ago he was working on a track hoe and got his arm sucked in the clutches and lost his arm up past his elbow. For the amount of work he did for me at no cost, I don't mind spending 20 minutes mowing for him!

Here is my current job. Im installing a 8 zone irrigation system, then re-grading the yard, seeding it and starting fert apps.

My friend Jake digging for the backflow

Here I am hooking into the water line

and a few others

getting the Kubota ready to be delivered to us!

system from November, picture taken a month ago... green now!


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