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coated seed germination

Pardon me for disagreeing with myself. I started a new test April 10, coated and uncoated seed; water and low-water regime. Photo below. Coated seed was Scotts perennial ryegrass coated with Zeba water retaining coating. The uncoated seed was Pennington "Smart Seed", which also contained some perennial ryegrass.
Height of tallest seedling, Uncoated-well-watered was 54 mm. Coated-well-watered was 35 mm. The soil was kept moist and the pots weighed an average of 62 grams.

Tallest low-water-no-coat seedling was 30 mm. Coated-low-water was 17 mm. The low water pots weighed an average of 42 grams.

In this test...under low-water conditions, the seed with the water absorbant coating did not germinate as well as uncoated seed. And clearly plentiful water resulted in good germination and growth, whether or not the seed was coated.

Your opinion and comments welcome.
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