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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
In containers, indoors at 67 degrees, I planted seed with water absorbant coating "Scotts Perennial Rye", and compared it to seed without the coating "Pennington Smart Seed, with Myco-Advantage".

I compared plenty of water on the soil, with no added water, (but both were started out saturated).

The test containers did not dry out as fast as I expected; seed in unwatered "No wat" containers germinated only slightly less than containers which were well-watered.

Coated seed attained a height only 7 percent more after 9 days, (2.6 inches).
The maximum difference was 73 percent more height of the coated well-watered seed(Scotts), upper right. This can be compared to uncoated, unwatered seed, lower left.
How did you measure the water? Was the soil allowed to drain to field capacity? Did you measure soil moisture content initially and over time? Replicates?

Also, I would expect a coated seed to have a longer time to emergence than an uncoated seed. Not sure what relevance the height measurement has given this likelihood.

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