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Originally Posted by Mark Oomkes View Post
I disagree, several of my competitors have gone this route and hasn't worked for them. I truly believe one needs to be "in" the industry in order to be able to sell it. And these competitors are very systemitized, been to PLANET and all the other BS conferences that shows one how to be the biggest in the area, blah, blah, blah.
You're right. No salesman that hasn't worked in this business is going to know crap by reading manuals. Manuals don't teach turf types and problems. Manuals can't teach design and plant layout. Manuals can't teach irrigation design and layout. Trugreen is a perfect example. The salesman underbids and underestimates the turf. Who pays? The applicator who is treating twice the turf and weeds the saleman sold. The only person who stands a chance at being a good salesman in this business is one that has been a manager of an LCO. The vast majority of LCO's just don't fall into the range of being able to support a full time sales dept. I am perfectly content doing the sales and design end of things. Too many people dream too big instead of dreaming realistic. The systems I have focus on route efficiency and time management. Product control and equipment maintenance are down to tight systems too.
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